Tuesday, July 19, 2011

"Angry Birds" Can Cook?

Angry Birds, a huge hit since its launch on Chrome. It's literally being taken up by every major brand to advertise their product. The creators Rovio, have launched tons of popular toys and tshirts with Angry Birds on the flash. And now its time to cook the Egg bombs the Angry birds launch at the Pigs. Yes, Peter Vesterbacka, Rovio’s head of marketing and business development, announced the book at the Open Mobile Summit in London. Vesterbacka said Rovio’s Angry Birds cookbook will be targeted at families and include mostly egg-based recipes. The title will be self-published and likely distributed by Amazon, Apple and Barnes & Noble, in book form and as an ebook app, with Rovio banking 90% of all sales.
Guess Angry Birds is going to break all realms of entertainment. Won't be surprised if I see a new Movie launching soon!

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UPDATE: 8/10/11

"An Angry Birds film may be a few years off, but the cookbook and textbooks are a very real possibility. The Huffington Post writes that Rovio is set to self-publish a family cookbook (in book and app form). The cookbook, to be called "Bad Piggie's Egg Recipes" according to Fox News, will feature egg-based foods such as egg salad sandwiches and egg sushi, as the pigs in the game steal and threaten to eat the Angry Birds' eggs. It may even be the first in a line of many Angry Birds-themed cookbooks."

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We'll look for that when it comes out and see if we can provide you with some insights, perhaps our opinion even.

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