Monday, August 22, 2011

A Conversation About Egg Yolks & Health

Q: I have been eating egg whites... feeling guilty for throwing away the egg yokes. I am looking for something healthy to make with egg yokes. Any ideas?


***Shoot... if you hadn't thrown the 'healthy' in there, I would have said creme brulee. Heck... I still say creme brulee. :-)

***this is the oddest thing ever to do with egg yolks, but if you can stand the grossness....

put the yolk on your face for 10 min every evening, then wash off.

your skin will NEVER feel so smooth, healthy, etc!!

otherwise, do what my bf does and just buy egg whites in a carton. no waste :o)

***Why not eat the whole egg? Read article below .....

(CBS) If you like eggs, this is good news: A new government study finds they're actually 14 percent lower in cholesterol and 64 percent higher in vitamin D than previously thought.

The yolk is considered by many the bad part of the egg, but Sass explained that there is nutritional value in it: "It's not just the vitamin D. There's also a really important nutrient called choline -- about 90 percent of us are short on this. It's been linked to a reduced level of inflammation in the body."

"One egg has about 25 percent of the choline we need for the whole day," she said.

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