Sunday, August 28, 2011

Eggs on TV: Futurama

“Fry Am the Egg Man” was not in fact one of those episodes that’s deeply moving. That being said, it had the most heart of anything we’ve seen during season six, something it pulled without feeling the least bit manipulative. I’m also pleased that it didn’t try to repeat one of the show’s earlier pet-based stories, something it definitely risked by going into territory Futurama really loves.

The episode begins with Fry and Leela returning from a delivery (why isn’t Bender there?) and deciding to stop off for a quick snack afterward. However, Leela soon becomes incensed with the unhealthiness of the processed food they’ve been eating and begins proselytizing healthy food. When she buys some fresh eggs from somewhere in space, Fry decides to keep one and hatch it, soon resulting in the birth of Mr. Peppy.

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