Friday, August 12, 2011

New gov. study finds eggs 14% lower in cholesterol & 64% higher in vitamin D than previously thought

There is some interesting egg info in the Monterey County The Herald.

Apparently, eggs are the cheapest protein (15 cents each) and 75 billion are sold in the US each year. They don't mention how many of those are sold in retail outlets (as apposed to industrial and food preparation uses).

Earlier this year, the USDA reported that previous nutritional research on eggs was seriously flawed. A new government study finds they're actually 14percent lower in cholesterol and 64percent higher in vitamin D than previously thought.

The article goes on to say that studies have found that it's the saturated fat, not the cholesterol, that increases the risk of heart disease. An egg has roughly 185 milligrams of Cholesterol per egg but has little saturated fat. Also the choline in the yolk may reduce inflammation in the body.

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