Friday, September 16, 2011

Cocktails With Eggs in Them

"What do a Victoria sponge, hollandaise sauce and a whiskey sour all have in common? And no, this isn’t Heston Blumenthal’s latest recipe for popcorn. It’s egg whites.

"They have become part of a high protein cocktail craze taking bars across the country by storm.

"Bramble in Edinburgh, Jake’s Bar in Leeds and Be At One in London are the leading movers and shakers.

"Cocktail expert Simon Difford says: ‘A few years ago bars were pushing creative boundaries, using herbs and spices to come up with new mixtures. They eventually hit a standstill so looked backwards for inspiration. So classic cocktails from the Twenties are back.’

"The best vintage cocktails are flips (spirit, egg white, sugar and spice), sours (spirit, lemon or lime, egg and a sweetener) and egg nog (milk, cream, egg and bourbon), with gin and whiskey being the most egg-friendly liquors.

"Egg whites affect texture, making drinks feel smoother, and, when shaken, give a light, foamy head. While they don’t hugely affect flavour, they can make drinks a bit whiffy.

"Simon says we shouldn’t worry about salmonella: ‘The chances of getting the disease from a cocktail is almost zero as you’re adding alcohol, which kills off the bacteria.’

"So maybe it is time to shell out for a more egg-citing beverage."

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