Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The First Book Is Now Available!

"Have You Ever Been Stuck, With One Egg Yolk or One Egg White After Using a Recipe?"

"Where's My Other Half?" is the first book in the CoE (Conservation of Eggs) series designed to provide you with ways to USE that other half that's leftover from your original recipe.

There is a section of very simple things you can do, a bunch of recipes in the middle and some 'out there' ideas toward the end you can reference.

If you ever get stuck with one *or more* egg yolk or egg whites after working with a recipe, just pull out "Where's My Other Half?" flip through the pages until you find the chapter with your leftover type & number (1 thru 4 egg yolks or egg whites in this volume) then search for a recipe to 'Conserve' that Other Half!

We included a special section called "Noble Recipes" (recipes that use use equal numbers of yolks and whites in different places) for you as well.

A Conservation of Eggs:
Where's My Other Half?

First in the CoE Series, Published on September 6, 2011 Now Available on Amazon Kindle & Kindle apps!

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