Saturday, October 8, 2011

Cleaning Up After Eggs: Cooked on Egg, #1

Some times after cooking eggs (scramble, omelet, and souffle) you end up with an eggy, hard to clean, mess from Cooked on Eggs. It clogs scrubbers and soaking it just makes it gooey without making it any easier to clean off the pan.

This usually results from cooking the eggs at too low of a heat, with too little oil and/or an uncoated pan.

The first step is prevention. Nonstick pans go a long way to preventing the eggy mess. However, even with non-stick pans, I would add a little oil, fat or butter. If you have a regular pan (stainless steel, cast iron, etc.), you should use oil, fat or butter to coat the pan.

Also, cooking hotter and faster gives the egg less time to work its way between the oil and the pan. Constantly, keeping the egg moving in the pan also helps to keep it from gluing itself to the bottom or sides.

In the next post (Cleaning Up After Eggs: Cooked on Egg, #2), we will discuss what to do if prevention fails.

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