Friday, November 4, 2011

4th "Conservation" Linky: Share Your Best Ideas for Fall, 11/4/11-11/10/11

Imagine that you live on a spaceship (because you do) traveling to the nearest extra-solar star* [OK, you're on a BIG spaceship orbiting the Sun...].

What would you take? How would you do things differently?

I'm Pam Hoffman and I was 'green' when it was still a color. I started making different decisions about my personal "Conservation" back in the 80s, I just always thought of it as 'spaceship thinking' so I reused, recycled, re-purposed, composted and plain old did not get things as part of my daily routine.

I'm Jeff Miller. My parents went through the depression and WWII rationing so, I too, was raised to think of ways to reuse, recycle, and re-purpose things. I do my bit to conserve resources but I'm not radical about it. In my own bit of "spaceship thinking," I've always felt that we've been tearing apart the life support system to repair the coffee maker. However, I'm a technophile so I think that our increasing understanding and innovations will eventually solve the problem. I just hope that there's something left to save.

Topic of the week:

Fall is a special time of the year. It some respects, it feels like a re-birth with return to school for some youths, though into a different class. Some parents get a little more time to themselves if they are normally 'stay at home' with their children.

And the festivities! There is nothing quite like the smells, the sights and sounds of Fall.

Each season brings its own special rituals too. I remember swapping my summer clothes for my fall and winter ones right around now, for many years, in my youth. There are probably some things which need to be done at this time which aren't the normal daily chores.

Would you please share your Best Ideas for Fall? I have turned clothes into scarves and made things for the Holiday tables from what might normally have been pitched. Any of these would qualify this week.

Go Ahead and Add YOUR Best Ideas for Fall Below.

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Have Fun!

Share Your 'Best Ideas for Fall' Below:

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*Proxima Centauri

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