Thursday, October 20, 2011

CoE Linky Party Calendar

We recently added a new feature to the CoE blog. Every Friday, the CoE blog now hosts a 'Linky Party.'

A Linky Party is a blog post on which you may very easily participate by clicking a button, filling in a form and adding YOUR link to the 'party' which gets listed on the blog post.

You may get a back link from this (i'm still testing that) and when other people visit the blog, they may click on your link and visit your site from the link you added to the 'Linky Party' in the blog post.

In the beginning, we will leave the party open for about a week. If we get a lot of links, we'll start to limit the time period you may add your link. The amount of time left is displayed below the links or it will say that it's closed.

Each CoE Linky Party has some info on the linky party, the topic of the week and a few rules to follow to remain on the Linky Party. We set ours up with the 'Like' button so that you have a chance to remain on the top of the list by getting the most clicks on the Like button. Just have your family & friends visit and 'Like' the link you provided!

We have plotted out some topics for the next bunch of weeks. If you'd like to come back and add a link to your blog post, we'd love to host your 'Conservation' posts!

10/21 Halloween
10/28 Composting/Egg Shells
11/4 Fall Related
11/11 Veteran's Day
11/18 Holiday Shopping - beat the rush, shop all year long (start 4 2012)
11/25 TG - what to do w/leftover turkey
12/2 Kitchen appliances - use parts in other ways
12/9 Winter related
12/16 Decorations
12/23 Yule - food related
12/30 Save Gift Wrapping for various things

Some Conservation Ideas for 2012, in no particular order...

Old jeans - insulation, crafty stuff (lots)
Motion - kitchen triangle / egg slicer vs. cutting w/knife
Recycle - paper, cans, glass, electronics, etc.
Donate your craft stuff to schools
Old photos/parts of photos
CDs DVDs - lots of different things you can do with them!

MONTHS - loosely plotted out so far...

JAN 2012
TV Shows like Trash to Treasure, Junk Brothers, etc.

FEB 2012
things to do w/love?
Heart crayons

MAR 2012
Spring Cleaning

APR 2012
Earth Day Every Day!!!

YOUR IDEA HERE!?! Is there a topic YOU want to write about and add to a 'Linky Party'? What would YOU like to party about?

Just leave us a comment and we'll consider your idea. Remember, tie it into "Conservation" or something you've seen on the blog, or ask us if it will be applicable somehow.

Thanks for playing!

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